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Microsoft stuffing up Windows 8 launch

by on09 February 2012


Intermec hits out

Intermec CTO Arvin Danielson, has slammed Microsoft for the way it has handled the upcoming release of Windows 8. His outfit makes rugged mobile devices and he claims Redmond is showing all the drive and enthusiasm of a block on its way to the gallows.

Danielson told Computing that he does not think Microsoft has handled the Windows 8 release very well. He has told them they are hurting themselves by not moving faster and being aggressive with Windows 8 and the tablet space.

While Microsoft has announced Windows 8, it has left people unaware about when they will actually be able to get it. The implication is that it will be 2014, but that is too late.

This has left this huge gap between the announcement and the release, which may mean enterprises turn to Android. Danielson argued that Microsoft needs to let companies like Intermec get hold of the software so it can get working on developing applications, so that when Windows 8 is released generally, it will have applications ready to distribute.

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