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Nintendo is secret to long life

by on01 February 2012

Scottish Great-Gran needs her DS

A Scottish 100 year old claims that the secret to living a long life is a Nintendo DS.

Kathleen Connell claims that her longevity and sharp mind almost entirely down to her Nintendo DS gaming device. She said she does not feel a day over 80 which she puts down to her Nintendo machine which she plays most days. She spends most of her day on the thing and packs it in about 10pm when her brain feels a “a bit addled.”

Kathleen, who lives in East Renfrewshire in Scotland, said she used to have trouble remembering things until she got the toy. According to the Nintendo brain trainer she has a brain of a 64 year old which is not bad for someone who has had a telegram from the queen. If the Daily Telegraph is right then proves the case for those researchers who claim that playing computer games helps ward off Alzheimer's Disease. Sadly there is no cure for Craig David.

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