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Lay-offs hit THQ

by on27 January 2012

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Internal studios seem to be safe

After our news about THQ and the company’s new plan, imagine our surprise when we heard that lay-offs had been the order of the day. While THQ isn’t publically talking, the round of lay-offs hit the administrative and publishing departments. We don’t have any specific numbers of how many were affected.

Perhaps in a tip of the hat to the company’s most recent strategy announcements, none of the company’s internal development studios were hit. THQ San Diego, THQ Montreal, Relic, Volition, and Vigil were not a part of this round of cuts.

Our sources tell us that right now they expect no cuts at the company’s internal studios. Staffing levels at the THQ’s internal studios will remain the same for the time being, according to one source we spoke with.

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