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4K Video still without distribution format

by on18 January 2012

Not happening anytime soon

CES 2012 was a lot about upcoming TV technologies, including 4K TV (approximately 4096 x 2160) sets and we were one of the lucky ones to see them in person. Obviously, the ultra-hi res panels look great, but so far there is no hope of seeing some 4K content and there seems to be quick solution in sight.

It all comes down to a few things. We will probably see some players that can upscale 4K video from 1080p content, and this is the first step. We’ve heard and seen some promises, but Samsung and Onkyo are apparently only the ones to have it so far.
True 4K content seems to be years away as sources within the industry are confirming that there is no distribution standard of any kind that can support this video. Blu-ray as an obvious candidate still cannot support and it doesn’t have a standard that defines 4K video and there is no a solution for download either.

There were some industry meetings with 4K in mind but sources suggest that at current stage, the 4K workgroup cannot even agree that they are a workgroup, so starting real work and defining the actual standard looks many quarters away, if not years away.

Basically don’t hold your breath for 4K content anytime soon. All the demos of 4K video at CES were played from a hard drive. Don’t even get us started start with the fact that 4K TV should be called 2160, or twice as much as 1080p, naturally with four times the number of pixels. 

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