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EU wants users to police the net

by on04 January 2012


Grass up terror sites and your mum

The EU wants Internet users to grass up any web content they believe might incite terrorism, under new counter-terrorism proposals put forward in Europe.

The ‘flagging’ mechanism is one of a number of initiatives proposed by a group of European Government officials participating in the ‘Clean IT Project’. The ‘Clean IT Project’, funded by the European Commission’s ‘Prevention of and Fight against Crime Programme’, aims to bring together European Governments and the internet industry to find mutually-agreeable solutions to stop the use of the internet by terrorists.

The working group has now published a draft manifesto of initiatives to put forward to private sector stakeholders for comment. The big idea is that citizens, ISPs, web hosts, search engines and other private sector organisations should more actively participate in the law enforcement process. ISPs will offer users easy to use flagging systems,” the draft plan proposed.

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