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Atari goes after knock-offs to protect IP

by on03 January 2012

Apple forced to pull some games out of App Store

Atari is cracking the whip and dealing with the number of knock-off titles that infringe on copyrights Atari has on classic titles it owns. First in the crosshairs was Apple, where the company was forced to remove a number of titles from its AppStore that resembled Atari classics.

Atari is apparently not playing favorites, as the company is going after any title that shares what can only be described as a “passing resemblance to an Atari classic title.” One such title is “Vector Tanks,” which shares a big resemblance to Atari’s own Battle Zone. The developer claims to have attempted to contact Atari about licensing their IP for use in Vector Tanks.

Sources tell us that this is not the only offensive that Atari will take to protect its IP. It is believed that Atari is in the process of contacting others to get them to pull other games that resemble Atari classics. It is unknown where Atari plans to strike next, but there are a great many titles in the mobile space that do share something in common with Atari classic offerings. It is unclear if Atari is preparing to release something of its own on these platforms or this is mostly a scare tactic.

Last modified on 04 January 2012
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