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Analysts expect Apple smart TV next year

by on01 December 2011

Shocker, it will cost twice as much as regular TVs

Apple analyst Gene Munster is confident that Apple will introduce a smart TV sometime next year. Speaking at an event organized by Business Insider, Muster said the device will be full-fledged TV, not just a box you plug into your existing TV.

He claims Apple will introduce several models in various sizes, to suit the needs of consumers who can’t afford or simply have no room for large sets. In terms of pricing, Gene believes the Apple iTV will cost twice as much as a normal TV, which is hardly surprising as Apple gear usually costs twice as much as similar products from the competition.

The whole point of having a smart Apple TV is to seamlessly integrate all your Apple gear in one media super hub. So, the TV will be able to access iTunes libraries, take care of podcasts, cater to basic gaming needs and do everything iPads and iPhones do already, but on a huge screen. Of course, users will be able to use their Apple gear to control the TV, so the iPhone will double as a remote.

Apple is expected to beat Android based smart TVs to the market by a few months, so in case you don’t fancy paying Apple’s premium tax, or you simply dislike Apple and prefer Google’s Android platform, you should be able to get similar products from the likes of Samsung by the end of 2012.

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