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Sony wades into LG over superior 3D claims

by on23 November 2011


Court battle coming

Sony has told LG unless it pulls an Aussie advert which claims its 3D tellies are superior to Samsung and Sony it will unleash the legal hounds. LG Australia has already told Sony to go forth and muliply so it looks like this will all end in court.

LG is currently embroiled in a separate legal action with Samsung over LG advertising claiming its TVs were brighter than Samsung's. Late last week LG released a "consumer preference study" conducted in partnership with TNS Global that found 82 per cent of 4000 Australian consumers surveyed in a blind test preferred LG's Cinema 3D TV over Samsung and Sony.

The blind test, dubbed the "Cinema 3D Challenge" in reference to the similar "Pepsi Challenge", was conducted at Westfield shopping centres around the country. Participants were given the opportunity to view a demo reel on unbranded LG, Samsung and Sony TVs and then asked to choose their preferred TV. LG has been pushing its "passive" 3D technology, which uses similar glasses to those used for 3D movies in the cinema as opposed to bulkier "active shutter" glasses on Samsung and Sony models that contain LCD screens and draw power.

Sony was furious at LG's study and the announcement by LG home entertainment marketing manager, Tim Barnes, that it would form the basis of an advertising campaign to begin on Friday.

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