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Black Friday pitfalls to avoid

by on23 November 2011

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More than cables and accessories

Every year during Black Friday there are some things that you should simply avoid. One of the biggest things that we tell everyone about every year are cables and accessories for TVs, Blu-ray players, computers, and other electronics. If you are not going to use it till Xmas, do yourself a favor and order your cables from .  We use monoprice all of the time, especially for those expensive high-performance HDMI cables. They have them in just about every color with specs that are just as good, for prices that are reasonable when you compare them to the crazy prices you could end up paying at retail.

Apple products are a big thing to avoid if at all possible. It is tricky to get a good deal on any Apple product because everyone sells at about the same price. This year, some retailers are offering $50 gift cards with Apple purchases, but even with those don’t expect much savings. Apple runs its own sale on Black Friday, as well, but the discounts are usually minimal, but better than retail; often times it isn’t large enough to offset the tax you have to pay. Watch yourself, as these continue to be the most popular items again this year.

Hard drives are another one to avoid this year. Prices have gone up on both internal and external hard drives and this has translated to higher prices this year, due in part to flooding in Thailand where most of the hard drive plants are located. We suggest that you steer clear, as deals will be better later on down the road.

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