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Woman tries to flog gaming husband on Craigslist

by on22 November 2011

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A Utah woman has had a gutsful of her husband constantly playing Call of Duty and put an add on Craigslist to trade her husband in for a model that plays fewer video games.

Alyse Baddley, 21 was hacked off after her hubbie Kyle Baddley, 22, spent three days constantly playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. The text of the ad stated “I am selling my 22 year old husband. He enjoys eating and playing video games all day. Easy to maintain, just feed and water every 3-5 hours. You must have Internet and space for gaming. Got tired of waiting so free to good home. If acceptable replacement is offered will trade.”

Kyle was recently discharged from the military due a back injury while serving in Afghanistan, so we would have thought he would have seen enough shooting for one incarnation. However apparently he uses the game to stay connected to his friends still serving overseas.

Alyse was offered a bag of Skittles for her husband. Another bloke offered to be swapped since he prefers reading over video games. Other emails took the listing seriously and offered free marital counselling.

Shamed Kyle did cut back on the amount of time he spent on Modern Warfare 3 each day and the couple is currently travelling to Florida to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with friends and family. We would have thought that would finish the marriage off.

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