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Apple share drop explained

by on11 November 2011


Analysts point at iPad production cut rumors

It’s not a secret that Apple’s stock has seen better days and prices have been on the decline ever since Steve Jobs passed away. However, the Wall Street Journal claims to know the reasons behind this.

The company recently dropped 2 percent; to about $387, the lowest number since early October.

J.P. Morgan analysts attributed the drop to iPad manufacturing cuts and related warnings, rise of the Kindle Fire, stock shorting, etc. Furthermore, S&P equity analysts downgraded Apple from “strong buy” to “buy.” They attributed the drops to growing competition, Jobs' death, lack of the usual excitement about Apple's products as well as fears that the company may not innovate as much as it did in the past.

As much as it is not nice to speak ill of the dead, we must says that it increasingly seems as if Jobs had a spell on his outfit, which was broken by his death. Well, at least they will finally wake up and see the company for what it really is, a company, rather than a cult.

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Last modified on 11 November 2011
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