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Obama will veto anti-net neutrality law

by on09 November 2011

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FCC will get reprive

President Barack Obama will veto upcoming legislation that would unwind net-neutrality rules the Federal Communications Commission adopted last year.

Telcos had been leaning on their tame puppets in the Congress to kill off the rules which require the FCC to stop them throttling clients traffic and playing favourites with internet traffic. Only Mobile broadband providers are allowed to do that.

Senate Journal Resolution 6, which is expected to go to the Senate floor perhaps as early as this week, “would undermine a fundamental part of the Nation’s Open Internet and innovation strategy — an enforceable, effective but flexible policy for keeping the internet free and open,” the White House said. The House passed a similar measure last spring, and Obama had threatened to veto that, too, if it landed on his desk.

The Senate measure, says Congress “disapproves” of the FCC’s net neutrality rules, which “shall have no force or effect.” Practically the change will mean that US Senators can continue to collect large sums of money in campaign funds from telcos who will not have to upgrade their networks to cope with demand.

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