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CeBIT becomes arrest fest

by on10 March 2008


Counterfeit event

seems to be the place to go to buy counterfeit goods. Police and customs officials swept the event last week and seized mobile phones, navigation devices and other gadgets.

The bits and bobs are believed to have been pirated, or counterfeit goods, and most of the complaints seem to have involved some Chinese exhibitors. Hannover coppers filled 68 boxes with gadgets, documents and advertising material, just like many visitors to the show. It is not clear if any of them took any pens and other marketing material from the nice brunette with the very short skirt.

One person resisted arrest and was taken to the police station for a more thorough going over. They said that of the 51 exhibitors affected, 24 were from mainland China, three from Hong Kong and 12 from Taiwan. Another nine were German, with one each from Poland, the Netherlands and Korea.

Coppers have been planning the sweep for some time, as there have been a number of criminal complaints by the holders of patent rights in the run-up to CeBIT.

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