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Oracle threatens to buy HP

by on29 September 2011

Ellison wants to take over the outfit and fire everyone
Oracle is apparently threatening to buy its sworn enemy HP. According to the Times of India, HP directors are terrified that their falling shares would make the company vulnerable to a bid from Oracle. Apparently this was the reason for the sudden sacking of Leo Apotheker. 

Oracle has considered informally whether to approach Hewlett-Packard, but it's unlikely to make a bid any time soon. But to make sure HP has hired  Goldman Sachs to help it prepare for any possible moves by activist investors, one person said.

If Oracle were to make a hostile takeover it would be with the sole aim of getting rid of a lot of people who have hacked Larry Ellison off. It might even result in Mark Hurd returning to the company.

There would be a lot of people in HP who would be scared that might happen. What might save their jobs is that Oracle, which has $31.7 billion in cash, is also not interested in using its shares to try to buy Hewlett-Packard, which has a market value of $46.1 billion. Oracle could be interested in buying Hewlett-Packard's $18.7 billion server, storage and networking division if it were available on a stand-alone basis.

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