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Two Chinese crackers call for code of conduct

by on19 September 2011

Don't do it for the money
Two Chinese crackers have released a code of conduct calling for the rejection of cybertheft.

Gong Wei and Wan Tao, released their "Hackers' Self-Discipline Convention" to the Chinese press and posted it onto the world wide wibble. The document is a moral code that outlines appropriate hacking activities.

According to the document, hackers should not obtain money through stealing from the public. Hacking groups will also not spread tools that are meant to take income. It also calls for the public's privacy, especially that of children and minors, should be protected. Any activity to buy or sell people's private information is considered inappropriate.

A hacker is defined as someone who promotes the development of the Internet and computing by studying security vulnerabilities. Hackers do not do malicious damage and hacking should not be used for politics.

A draft of the convention will be presented to a hackers' conference in Shanghai, being held next week, that 400 to 500 people are expected to attend. A vote will then be cast on whether to approve the convention. Gong and Wan work in the IT security industry, but gained prominence as two of China's earliest hackers.

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