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Microsoft tarts up file manager with a ribbon

by on30 August 2011

So you can tie around an old oak tree
Microsoft is going to ribbonise the file manager in next year's Windows 8.

Writing in his blog Microsoft's Alex Simons, director of program management, showed screenshots of the new ribbon interface planned for Explorer. He said that Microsoft looked at several different user interface command designs including expanded versions of the Vista/Windows 7 command bar, Windows 95/Windows XP style toolbars and menus, several entirely new UI approaches, and the Office style ribbon. He said that the ribbon offered benefits in line with our goals.

The ribbon-style interface will look similar what debuted in Office 2007, was tweaked in Office 2010 and showed up in some applications bundled with Windows 7. Still it is not exactly a popular move. Ribbons are not loved that much by users. There were shedloads of complaints about Office 2007's use of the interface. However it got ligher Office 2010 and Windows 7 rolled along. It looks like punters got used to it. (Looks like they didn't have a choice. sub.ed.)
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