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Intel comes up with facial recognition

by on24 August 2011

You are a girl Mr Smith
Intel has come up with software which it claims an instantly analyze a person's face to come up with their gender and age.

Apparently Chipzilla is more interested in the technology because advertisers can use it for real-time demographic detection. The idea is that a billboard or kiosk can quickly analyze the facial features of the shopper then display specific ads directed to them.

Kraft Foods and Adidas plan to experiment with facial recognition. Intel did not say if its software could tell what the sex of  Justin Bieber or Orlando Bloom was, because we can't.

The idea is that if you are walking through a supermarket, your normal choices could be highlighted along with your recommendations. This would not be good if you went to a record shop and other shoppers discovered that you were one of those people who paid money for a Coldplay record.

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