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Hackers build their own drone

by on09 August 2011

Wasp has a sting in the tail
Hackers have built a drone aircraft which can launching airborne cyber attacks and hijack mobile phone calls.

Dubbed the Wasp, the Wireless Aerial Surveillance Platform, was built constructed from a former US Army target drone by hackers Richard Perkins and Mike Tassey. The kit was shown off at the DefCon hacking conference in Las Vegas at the weekend.  Its current function is to  find and track internet hotspots and mobile phones It can spot unsecured online gateways and then launch cyber attacks on the computer systems.

One of the tricks it can do is capture GMS mobile PIN numbers that can then be used to pay for outgoing calls, and allow hackers to eavesdrop on conversations. The plane was built at a cost of $6,200  They want to make it clear that anybody has access to the materials to make such a hi-tech device.

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