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Attempts to talk up mobile sales continue

by on27 July 2011

Analysts now say China will boom
As the fruity cargo cult Apple does rather well out of the boom in mobile, analysts continue to talk about the death of the PC.

Under a headline Shipments of Mobile PCs in China Forecast to Outpace Desktops in 2013, research from DisplaySearch claims that mobile is going to do well in China. However if you look at its figures most of the growth predicted has come from mobiles being lumped together with conventional PCs.

In the section marked mobile PC's DisplaySearch says that “following a worldwide trend” mobile PC shipments are forecast to grow and capture market share from desktop PCs in China, from 29 million units in 2010 to 70 million in 2013. So the logic is that China will follow the rest of the world, go mobile and therefore this will be the figure it ends up with.

However, we are beginning to question if there is the big boom in mobile that people are claiming. True the use of smartphones has gone up and Apple is able to sell tablets, but that is hardly a big boom. It is happening more in the US than in civilized countries, where everyone is a little more worried about their economies.

In fact smart money is saying that PC use in China and India will grow largely untouched by the mobile revolution. In india PC sales are growing but no one is buying tablets.

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