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David Bechkam's website hacked

by on11 July 2011

Deface of football
Pop star and fashion icon for the terminally dim David Beckham had his site, which was dedicated to his peripheral interest in English football hacked on Sunday. The hacker changed the website to display a picture of a dog attempting to eat an advertisement for dog food, and a message saying “ScooterDAshooter = FAIL”.

John Stock, senior security consultant at vulnerability management specialist Outpost24, said that celebs were getting hit a lot by hackers these days. Recent attacks have also targeted Amy Winehouse and Ronaldhino, suggesting that casual e-vandalism is de rigeur in hacking circles for gaining some cheap publicity and notoriety.

He said that it is only a matter of time before criminals use celebrity websites to distribute malware to unsuspecting visitors. If this hacker had chosen to place malware on Beckham’s site the implications could have been highly embarrassing, especially with the recent news of the birth of Harper Seven likely to lead to a spike in visitor numbers.

Now everyone knows that Beckham is not in charge of his website. In fact he probably was told about it by his wife, but who ever allowed the site to be defaced should be given a red card, Stock said.
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