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Inquiry into News of the World hacking

by on08 July 2011

Cameron hopes to dodge the worst of it
UK Prime Minister David Cameron hopes to dodge the worst of the News of the World scandal by announcing an official public inquiry into it.

In one of the most ironic u turns in recent British history, Cameron declared that the cosy relationship between the British media and politicians has ended under his watch and that a judge-led, full public inquiry will investigate the phone hacking allegations at News Corp News of the World tabloid newspaper after the police investigation finishes.
Coming from the man who hired the bloke at the centre of the scandal Andy Coulson, who was editor of the News of the World between 2003 and 2007 and then defended him publicly even as details of the case leaked out, this is a little thick.

Cameron Friday said he took full responsibility for his decision to hire Coulson, which he described as a "second chance" for the former editor. "But the second chance didn't work and he had to resign all over again," the prime minister said.  The fact was that Coulsen would not have done anything with the News of the World since leaving.  All that happened was Cameron had decided to throw his former chum to the wolves.

The UK Tory's have for a long time depended on Rupert Murdoch's Sun newspaper to deal with working class conservatives for years. Appointing Coulson was a sign by Cameron about how much in bed he was with Murdoch. Cameron, who described the hacking of murder victims' phones as "despicable", said the "music has stopped" on the close relationship between the media and politicians and said he would make sure that "everything that needs to be done will be done".

It seems he is still safe. Even Murdoch cannot continue to support the New of the World and Coulson any more. He has shut the paper down, something which is completely unfair to the staff who work there. After all, most of them were not even around when Coulson was working there.

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