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AMD former boss has a crack at starting his own business

by on28 June 2011

Formed with another AMD bloke
AMD's former Chief Executive Officer Hector Ruiz has opened a consulting company, aiming to win business by touting his experience in leading strategy and transactions.

We guess he will not be mentioning tablets and mobile computing which is the reason that AMD's board asked him to clear his desk. We guess he would also be an expert on Insider-trading as he recently was a witness for the prosecution of Raj Rajaratnam, co-founder of Galleon.

Rajaratnam said that Ruiz was a source of information on transactions by AMD that were then used as the basis of insider trades. Ruiz was never charged with any crime.

Ruiz's company is called Bull Ventures and it has been formed with another AMD bloke Bharath Rangarajan. None of them has commented about the move, but forming the company appears to be Ruiz’s return to business.

According to the company website, Bull Ventures aims to provide advice to companies who want to “grow from good to great.” The company says it helps corporate management teams develop and execute “industry changing strategies.”

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