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Facebook tattoo woman is a fake

by on09 June 2011

Thank goodness for that
The Dutch woman, who posted video of her being tattooed with the profile snaps of 152 Facebook friends, was part of an advertising stunt and not simply a deluded nutcase, as we reported yesterday.

The YouTube video by Susyj87 went viral this week. However, Rotterdam-based tattoo artist Dex Moelker came clean and admitted that the tattoo was actually temporary, not permanent.

According to the Dutch press it was just a transfer that washes off in a couple of days. The temporary tattoo only took a few hours to apply in a single session and not 30 hours as claimed in Susyj87's video.

The stunt was done on behalf of Pretty Social, a Dutch firm that sells Facebook-themed gifts. Facebook users started to smell a rat because all the portraits were of a single person.

Still, it worked. The video was watched 500,000 times.

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