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Rapture didn't happen

by on23 May 2011

But people Googled just to make sure
While everyone mocked the bloke who said that Jesus was coming back on Saturday to take him and all good Christians away, there must have been some who at least unconsciously believed in what he was saying.

Christian radio evangelist Harold Camping got America slightly nutty over the fact that the beginning of the apocalypse  was supposed to happen at 6pm EST on Saturday. It did not of course but an awful lot of people searched on Google before and after the time just to make sure.

Out of the top ten most-searched terms on Google at the time of this writing seven of them are related the apocalypse.  There was some evidence that people were checking the news sites as 6pm hit at different parts of the world. We guess to make sure that they repented or converted minutes before the almighty got there. Now the top of Google news story is about how Jesus was still 2000 years late for his second coming at it was business as usual.

What amuses us is that people believed just enough to check. The whole rapture thing is a modern Christian belief based on a somewhat dubious interpretation of a verse in Thessalonians. Christ never said he was planning an Ariel snatch of his followers. If he did it would be unfair on New Zealanders. He would take all the Christians in New Zealand at 6pm and by the time he arrived in Australia all the godless would have converted.

Well, other than the Apple fanboys. They would not want to go to heaven because they would be waiting for the next iPad.
Last modified on 23 May 2011
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