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Woman charged for shouting into her mobile for 16 hours

by on19 May 2011

There is justice in the US after all
A US woman who shouted into her mobile phone on a train for more than 16 hours was dragged off the train by coppers and charged.

In one of the few cases of sound American justice we have seen this year, Lakeysha Beard was charged with disorderly conduct after she had an argument in a carriage of an Amtrak train with passengers who asked her to shut up.

The 39-year-old was on the phone throughout the train's journey from Oakland, California, to Salem, Oregon, on Sunday. Beard later told hacks that she did not understand why everyone was complaining and felt "disrespected" by how she was treated.

She was lucky, in an ideal world she would have been tasered and forced to under-go an full cavity search and then jailed for at least a century. Fortunately the staff of Fudzilla do not have any policing role in any nation, but at least the trains would be quieter if we did.
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