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Sony plans to resume making Blu-ray disks again

by on28 April 2011

Earthquake hit plant will open in May
Sony plans to resume production of Blu-ray and other optical discs at a earthquake-hit factory in northern Japan in late May.

Sony's Sendai Technology Center in the city of Tagajo was the only Sony plant forced to close in the wake of the  powerful earthquake and tsunami hit eastern Japan on March 11. The Sony plant was actually hit by the tsunami  and swamped with 1.5 meters of water, mud and debris. The first floor of the building was damaged and workers had to clean out mud and crushed cars from the factory.

Sony makes professional video tapes, blank Blu-ray Discs and other media products at the plant and the halt in production caused a pinch on supply of some professional media products. Supplies of HDCAM video tapes for portable TV cameras were particularly badly hit Optical disk production will start in late May, b ut production of magnetic tapes, such as those for TV cameras, isn't likely to resume until late July.

Sony is to move production of other products and components previously manufactured in Tagajo to other factories to speed up the resumption of their production.
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