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Microsoft to shelve store plan

by on08 April 2011

Copying Apple is not the way
Microsoft seems set to delay its plans for Apple-like retail stores.

CEO Steve Ballmer made a song and dance about the stores last year. Well more of a shout and stamp really. He wanted to take on Apple in the retail space by opening more dedicated Microsoft Stores.

But while Ballmer and Microsoft COO Kevin Turner are keen to open lots more dedicated Microsoft Stores, they have only opened eight since the company first announced its new retail plans back in early 2009.

Microsoft has recently announced plans for two more stores in Atlanta and Seattle. There is no news about a flagship UK store in London and one of the problems is that they are all costing too much to build.

The dark satanic rumour mill claims  that Steve Ballmer has been convinced to shelve his big plan at least for a while. The remaining stores will stay running and perhaps will be expanded when the economy picks up or Windows Phone 7 becomes the market leader.

Last modified on 08 April 2011
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