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PC supply has up to three months of inventory

by on17 March 2011

But prices may rise in short term
Acer Taiwan President Scott Lin said that the PC supply chain still has two or three months worth of stock and that the earthquake in Japan will only have limited impact on the market.

With OEMs, brands and retailers each having about one month's worth of inventory, the supply should be fine for up to three months. However as Lin pointed out, Japan’s power grid is an important factor and taking it online sooner rather than later will be crucial to whether the shortages become more serious.

Some players on the market are stockpiling more, in turn pushing DRAM and panel prices higher. As a result, you can expect the prices of these components to go up. When asked about shortages of silicon wafers and panel conductive adhesives, Lin said that Acer is monitoring their supply status and will react accordingly.

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Last modified on 17 March 2011
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