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ICCAN needs to be more accountable

by on15 March 2011

…to the United States Christians
The office of the president of the junta of French backed rebels who over threw their lawful government a few years ago has called for changes are needed to make the domain naming process more "accountable" and "transparent,”

Larry Strickling, a Commerce Department assistant secretary, said that the California nonprofit group, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, (ICANN) needed to do more to explain decisions and to listen to national governments.

ICANN and national governments have been at odds lately over the rules for approving new top-level domain names. Hundreds of applications for these suffixes are expected later this year, once the process has been finalized, including bids for .car, .love, .movie, .web, and .wine.

Governments feel that the bringing about of these domains prevent it collecting lots of money for listening to lobby groups. The Christian lobby is particularly vocal in the US and they are leaning on the government for a porn purge. They feel that setting up high-level domains will give kids a one-stop shop for porn. This increases the likelihood of born-again ministers running into their congregations when visiting adult sites.

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