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ISPs rebel against new EU laws

by on27 January 2011

Data retention not us
It seems that ISP have had a gutsful of European politicians trying to turn them into secret police.

New EU Parliament laws are being drawn up to impose new requirements on telecommunications companies to store information about their customers, but there are telephone companies that have decided to oppose the law. However according to P3, Internet operator Bahnhof has said that it will go out of its way to make the law toothless.

Karlung who is company president said that the ISP will let its traffic to go through a VPN service so that his company has no clue what its customers do online, which they sent or are talking to. Any information that is stored will be tiny and irrelevant to the coppers. Several other telecom operators and ISPs are now trying to find technical solutions that  follows the law, but makes it toothless.

Justice Minister Beatrice Ask has admitted that there are loopholes in the government's proposed new law.

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