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Son drowns while mom indulges in Facebook gaming

by on17 January 2011

Well, you gotta have priorities in life
A one year old son of Denver woman Shannon Johnson drowned in the bathtub while his mother was busy roaming the wonderfully egocentric world of Facebook.

The mother checked on the boy once in the 10 minutes after which there were three silent minutes. Johnson went to check and found that the boy has drowned.

When asked why she would leave a one year old alone in the bath, Johnson said that he was a very independent baby. Furthermore, she apparently did not want him to be “known as mamma’s boy”.

Let us not pretend that Facebook itself had anything to do with it as we are somehow sure that someone will point the finger. After all, human race is a champion in creating root problems and then manically rushing to address consequences; as if that will do anything other than gather half-brained followers who you wouldn’t want backing your case in the first place.

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Last modified on 17 January 2011
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