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Apple approves joint rolling app

by on04 January 2011

Boobs bad, joints good
By now, you already got the message – pure hypocrisy if there ever was one. We’re just interested in the implications of approving a joint rolling app and banning apps that have something to do with boobs, or even bare ankles.

See, where I come from, boobs are not considered harmful. Well, perhaps if you’re driving and get distracted, but generally they come pretty tame. They do not kill people nor do they inflict mental damage. If they did, it means we’re all mentally damaged already.

Truth be told, impartial surveys say that marijuana isn’t harmful either, at least no more than an average neighbor. However, it does paint a pretty lousy picture of Apple’s expertise when it comes to choosing which apps are appropriate.

The app is available to anyone over the age of 17 and will teach you many techniques that will serve you well in your (unemployed?) future. On the other hand, an average girl over time will cost you quite a lot, so don’t play with “that” addiction for now. Just imagine what you can spend it on. Yeah, you know what I was going to say. (So, I presume the wedding is off? sub.ed.)

Last modified on 04 January 2011
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