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Wikileaks witch-hunt bears fruit

by on10 December 2010


16-year-old arrested in Holland
The latest news from the Wikileaks front talks about the arrest of a 16-year old Dutch boy. The boy is charged with cyberattacks aimed at Visa and Mastercard and is said to be a member of 4chan’s vigilante group Anonymous.

The Dutch National Prosecutor refused to name the boy and the police seized all the equipment. The boy admitted to the charges.

The investigation continues and the police wisely ascertains that a larger group is probably involved. We’ve contacted Captain Obvious for comment and he said:”Duh”.

In other related news, Amazon.co.uk now offers Wikileaks' leaked diplomatic cables as a Kindle e-book donwload. It costs £7.37 and you can find it here.

Last modified on 10 December 2010
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