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North and South Korea conflict helps panel industry

by on24 November 2010

Vendors are stockpiling

The conflict between North and South Korea bringing some short-term sales to the panel industry. According to Digitimes vendors are stockpiling inventory to avoid possible shortages.

TV panel prices have been dropping lately but with Samsung and LG both having key plants in Korea the fear is that any conflict will create a shortage. If the conflict in Korea continues, Korea-based panel makers may encounter obstacles in logistics and transport, further benefiting Taiwan-based panel makers' shipments. The conflict might make more difficult for Korea's panel makers to maintain stable supply.

Either way those who source their panels in Korea are trying to get them out of the country before it gets even more messy. While the Taiwanese think they will clean up in the short time if there is any conflict in Korea, Digitimes said that such a war could really damage the entire Asian tech manufacturing industry.

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