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Google fanboys throw eggs

by on24 November 2010

At those who do not want to appear on Street View

An odd form of protest is emerging against the privacy conscious Germans. Apparently protesters are visiting addresses which opted out of Google Street View and are pelting them with eggs.

The launch of Google Street View in Germany seems to be causing civil unrest. Which has now reportedly mutated into uncivil unrest. It seems that a group of people who are so miffed at the blurring out of houses and people they have been going around the Bergerhausen district of Essen and pelted some of the blurred-out houses with eggs.

In addition  the protesters apparently taped a message to the mailboxes of these houses. The message read "Google is cool." Google has gone on record saying that it does not approve of such half-witted behaviour.  It is not surprising if they went to Munich and adorned Dienerstrasse 12 with chicken-sourced projectiles they would have found it was Google's Munich office.

In that case another tenant in the building asked to be blurred out so Google had to censor itself.

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