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Chipmaker invests in innovative companies

by on17 November 2010

$77 million to the right companies
Intel Capital, which is the global investment arm of the chipmaker has announced that it will invest $77 million in more than a dozen companies worldwide, praising their innovation.

Investments will fund 18 projects in 11 countries. The companies getting the cash include video advertising technology to software that will make more intelligent recommendations when people do Web searches about food.

The companies are based in Brazil, China, Germany, India, Israel, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Russia, Taiwan, Ukraine and the U.S. Intel did not disclose how much funding each company will receive.

Sadly Chipzilla fails to see the potential in giving hacks at an innovative Bosnian technology magazine holidays in some place hot (preferably Caribbean sub.ed). Obviously this would mean that we would be less likely to be grumpy on Mondays, which would in turn significantly decrease the chances of writing sarcastic pieces on Intel products, but hell, give the money to a food search company and see if we care.

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