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ANC boss wants to shut down Twitter

by on05 November 2010

Makes him look a Twit
The head of South Africa's ANC Youth League, Julius Malema is probably regretting the day that he demanded that Twitter be shut down.

Malema moaned that he was being targeted by Twitter impersonators who were distorting his image. He issued an incoherent statement calling for the "closer" (sic) of Twitter following 'cretation' of fake accounts”. Fake accounts of famous people offering phoney Tweets known as "Phweets" have become a mainstay of Twitter.

However for some reason the ANCYL has taken it personally. Apparently it has written to Twitter to report impersonators and yet no action has been taken. Not surprisingly that created a spate of amusing and abusive twits from people claiming to be Malema. These included:

"Stop mocking my spelling. When we close Twitter you won't be laughing anymore."
"Don't you come heer to my internet with your white tendencies."
"I will tell our President it is worse than we thought."

Malema seen either as a hero to some in South Africa and a jester to many. But currently the government has consistantly refused to discipline him for publicly contradicting party positions.
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