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Facebook buys P2P site

by on01 November 2010

Wants the developers not the tech
Social notworking site Facebook has just bought, an online content-sharing service. is a service that lets users create a "drop" where they can share documents, videos and other digital content. The user can set a time for how long the drop will exist, decide who can view the content, set permissions for who can alter the content and share content in a variety of ways, including on Facebook. It is good technology for real-time collaboration because people can add new content to a drop and the people they are sharing it with see it immediately, without having to refresh their browsers.

However after Facebook buys the outfit it will be shutting it down which might mean that the company only really wanted the outfit's talent. The company's founder, Sam Lessin, will join Facebook, according to a blog post. Facebook said in a statement that it was thrilled that Sam Lessin will be joining Facebook. As of this week, people won't be able to create new drops. is free up to 100 MB of storage, but some people pay to get more storage.
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