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Barnes & Noble leaks color eBook reader

by on25 October 2010

Good bye eInk
Barns & Noble has accidentally leaked details that it is unveiling a Nook Colour eBook reader tomorrow. The online store mentioned a screen protector film for the Nook Color and even showed a picture of the device itself.

It looks like a tablet with a full touchscreen, probably an LED, ditching the split display between e-paper and mini-LCD on the existing Nooks. This is bad news for those who like e-paper, which is a lot easier to read than LCD stuff.

Our guess is that it will be an Android with a 7-inch display. Rumours have claimed that it will ship with a $249 price tag.

There is talk that Barnes & Noble would be releasing a child-oriented book app known as Nook Kids that will provide 12,000 children's books from 15 publishers designed for the Nook Colour, iPad, and other colour touchscreen devices.

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