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OS X 10.7 to be called Lion

by on21 October 2010

No release date announced
Apple has confirmed that the next evolution of OS X for the Mac (or 10.7, if you are counting) shall be called Lion. While no release date has been announced, it will meld many of the popular features from the iOS used in the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad into the next version of the OS.

While the Mac App Store will be one of the big things to be integrated into Lion, we know that the multi-touch gesture support, auto-save/auto resume within apps, and unification of full screen apps (called Mission Control) will be at the heart of what we will find in 10.7 when released.

The new Mac App Store will arrive in about 90 days for those running Snow Leopard ahead of Lion’s release. A number of the features should close the gap between what users are able to do on the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad; and apparently, this is what Apple thinks users want.

Of course, this will make the recently released Magic Trackpad more valuable, as the more robust gesture support will make it almost a necessary accessory.

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