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Wikipedia attacks Wikileaks

by on28 September 2010

Wacki wiki wars
Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales has whistleblower WikiLeaks in its sights over its release of Afghan war documents which he said could "get people killed".

Wales, whose organisation has managed to make few people who he did not like disappear from history, such as Mike Magee and the Everywhere Girl, along with turning this writer into a Canadian boxer, hates the fact that the outfit uses Wiki" in its name. He said that they were not a real Wiki and they got famous in the first place was by using the word Wiki.

If they were a real Wiki you would have a team of people pretending to be experts hacking about the documents, he didn't say. Wales said that documents, which experts say constitute one of the biggest-ever leaks of military intelligence, must be handled responsibly. Then comes the kicker quote: "I think it is really important when we have sensitive information, that we do rely on responsible journalists to sort through it for us... it's much better than dumping all kinds of crazy information online and get people killed.”

Whereas Wales thinks its ok to have documents edited by “fake penis experts” and people who pretend to have a doctorate. It looks like there will be a wacki wiki war brewing fairly soon.
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