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3.50 PS3 firmware adds more than 3D

by on24 September 2010

Reports of disabled USB devices trickle in
Apparently, the new 3.50 firmware update does more than add 3D Blu-ray support for the PlayStation 3. Word is starting to trickle in that apparently a number of USB adapters, controller converters, and non-Sony licensed devices are now disabled and no longer work after the update.

This seems to coincide with Sony’s consumer alert a while back warning users of unlicensed or “counterfeit” PlayStation 3 wireless controllers. Sony claimed that the warning was being sent because apparently some of these controllers could “ignite” or even “explode,” and these devices had not passed Sony’s rigorous testing requirements. The alert went on to suggest that such unlicensed devices might no longer function after future system updates. Apparently, this future time has come.

Reports from a variety of sources suggest that some of the products that are now disabled include controller adapters, including the Yobo PS3 JoyBox and the XCM Cross Battle Plus Adapter. The SplitFish FragFX, which is a mouse controller for the PS3, appears to no longer work as well, according to reports. While there are claims of some PS2 to PS3 adapters that still work, it is hard to tell at this point exactly which ones these are.

The best news is, of course, that no Sony controller is apparently affected and neither are any controllers that are officially licensed by Sony for the PlayStation 3. While a number of vendors are reporting problems, none of the vendors that have been disabled have a fix or work around to get their devices working again, and it is unclear yet if this is even a possibility. It just goes to show the risk that you are taking if you purchase a non-licensed product. At this point, Sony has had no direct comment about the situation, but if and when they do we suspect that they will advise buying an officially licensed device.
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