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Fujitsu wants to get into cloud computing and middleware

by on23 August 2010

Money to be made in the dull end of the market
Hardware maker Fujitsu has decided that cloud computing and middleware is the place where it wants to be and it is going to be starting to buy up other companies to put it there. Cloud computing is normally seen as the domain of IBM and HP so having Fujitsu in the market is interesting.

Fujitsu boss Masami Yamamoto told Bloomberg that the outfit will be targeting companies that have technologies that Fujitsu doesn’t have or that have big customers who have not been wowed by things Japanese.

Yamamoto, who took over as president in April, said Fujitsu wants companies in the cloud-computing and middleware markets. Fujitsu has been moving away from unprofitable hardware businesses and thinks that it is going to be the service market which is going to make it lots of cash.

Fujitsu Semiconductor, which makes chips for cell phones, computers and cars, has contracted more production to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing and shut three production lines to help save an estimated 80 billion yen in the two years ended March 2011.

In July, Fujitsu announced an alliance with Microsoft which means that Fujitsu could flog cloud-based applications running on Microsoft’s Azure platform.

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