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AMD gains ground against Intel

by on20 August 2010

Intel loses 0.3% share
According to IDC beancounters, Intel has lost 0.3 percent of the worldwide processor market share in Q2. Obviously, this bodes well for AMD, as it gained 0.2 percent. VIA also managed to improve its share by 0.3 percent.

At the moment Intel holds 80.7 percent of the overall unit market share, while AMD has 19 percent. Intel also lost some share in the mobile market, but it still has a massive lead over AMD with 86.1 percent compared to AMD’s 13.7 percent. However, AMD gained 1.6 percent and VIA managed to scoop up 0.2 percent.

Intel still dominates the server market with a 93.5 percent share and its share is still growing. In the desktop market Intel grabbed 72.2 percent and gained 0.5 percent. AMD has a 27.3 percent share and a loss of 0.7 percent, which is somewhat surprising considering AMD has quite a few interesting desktop products in its portfolio. However, AMD’s revamped mobile CPU lineup seems to be doing quite well.

Overall mobile processor shipments rose by 6.5 percent sequentially, while server processor sales rose 6.1 percent. Desktop sales dropped by 0.1 percent. It’s obvious that the market is steadily shifting to mobile computing, but desktops still shouldn’t be considered a dying breed.

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