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Seven people have the power to restart the web

by on29 July 2010

All in their hands
Seven people have been selected to reboot the internet after a "catastrophic event." (A Micheal Bay movie? sub.ed.)

Seven Internet “Keymasters” are Paul Kane (Great Britain), Dan Kaminsky (United States), Jiankang Yao (China), Moussa Guebre (Burkina Faso), Bevil Wooding (Trinidad and Tobago), Ondrej Sury (Czech Republic), and Norm Ritchie

A team of computer scientists has developed a security system called DNSSEC that's intended to make sure that websites are what they say they are. The seven "keyholders" have swipe cards which will turn everything back on in the event of a major disaster. It would only affect the websites using DNSSEC, but it is really about security protocols.

It is not as if it will switch on things like servers, power up ISPs or do anything to stop the terminators, or zombies eating our brains.
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