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Asus launches new Wi-Fi router

by on06 December 2007

With built-in USB print server

Asus has announced the availability of a new wireless router which features a built-in USB print server that goes under the name of WL-520GU. The press release claims that you can magically save money on ink and photo quality paper, although we're not sure what this has to do with the product.

Nonetheless, the WL-520GU features 802.11b/g Wi-Fi, a standard Ethernet connected router, a four-port 10/100Mbit switch and a single USB 2.0 port. It's meant to be compatible with most USB printers, although it doesn't mention if it supports the scanner/fax features on MFD printers. You can find a full list of supported printers here.

The router also supports bandwidth on demand, or BOD as Asus likes to call it, which allows you to prioritize certain applications, such as your VoIP client or your games, and this has been combined with QoS or quality of service to make the most of the bandwidth available.

You can find the product page here and the press release here.

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