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Internet "Rape victim" arrested

by on10 October 2007


Imprisoned without trial


A 50 year old woman who pretended on Internet chat groups to be a 15 year-old rape victim has been imprisoned without charge indefinitely.

The China Daily newspaper reported on its website that the woman, identified only by her surname Chen, pretended to be a 15-year-old girl, called Little raindrop, who became pregnant after being raped by her stepfather. She was arrested but has not been charged with any crime.

Wang Bing, an official with the propaganda department of the Tianqiao District Public Security Bureau in Jinan city said that she will be punished through China's re-education through labour scheme. Human Rights groups object to this particular scheme because it allows
the government to lock people up indefinitely without any charge.

According to Associated Press the woman is divorced and has one grown daughter. She told people during online chats that her stepfather kept her locked up at home, arousing concern among her Internet friends who reported the case to local police.

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