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AMD loses $100+ on every Vega
Published in Graphics

Sold at Suggested Etail Price

Our industry sources have confirmed to Fudzilla that AMD loses at least $100 on every Vega 64 card it sells at its $499 Suggested Etail Price (SEP).

Uber clocks 2016 revenue of $6.5 billion
Published in News

Loses 2.8B in the process

Uber has just released its 2016 revenues and the company managed to turn in revenues of $6.5 billion, reporting a $2.8 billion loss in the process. 

Micron makes surprise loss
Published in Processors

Suddenly it became like everone else

While the bottom had dropped out of the PC market, Micron had been managing to do quite well.  Today though it suprised observers by forcasting a surprise loss for the second quarter.

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In a single year, against all odds

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Fings ain't wot they used to be

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Posts first operating loss ever


Second in a row


Strategy Analytics warning

Not really sure about mobile providers

A drop of 9 million from previous 12 months