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GTX 260 nowhere to be seen

by on18 June 2008


Limited availability in June

In case
you were thinking about getting a brand spankin' new Geforce GTX 260, you'll have to get in line and wait.

We managed to find a single retailer who currently has it in stock, German PcTweaker is selling POV's reference GTX 260 for €310, here. Other retailers expect to have the GTX 260 in a week or two, and we think two weeks sounds a bit more realistic. Even so, we're still not sure about the expected volumes. Hopefully, we won't see a repeat of last year's 8800GT shortages.

ATI's similarly priced HD4870 will also be a bit late, and we're expecting it to show up in volume in early July. Basically, in June you'll be able to get a cheap HD4850 or the pricey GTX280, which will probably get cheaper soon. The much more interesting HD4870 and GTX 260 come in July.
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