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GPU market is down 5.56 percent in Q1

by on01 May 2008


Update: Intel, Nvidia market share grows, AMD stagnates

to estimates from Jon Peddie Research, the global GPU market has grown by 3.94 percent in the traditionally slow first quarter with total shipments amounting to 104.5 million units, 32 percent more than in Q1 07.

Looking at the overall market share, Intel is still on top, with 48 percent, while Nvidia and AMD managed to grab 30 and 17 percent, respectively. On the desktop side the numbers are similar, Intel 46, Nvidia 31 and AMD 17 percent, while in notebooks Intel dominates with 53 percent compared to Nvidia with 27 and AMD with 17 percent.

Compared to Q1 07, Intel's market share has grown by an impressive 63.9 percent, Nvidia also did well with 38.7 percent of growth, while AMD is stagnating with an unimpressive 2.3 percent.

The desktop GPU market grew by 8.5 percent in the last quarter with total sales in excess of 71.9 million units, while the notebook GPU market slipped by 5% with a total of 32.6 million units shipped.

Analysts are expecting Q2 to be slightly slower than usual due to economic troubles in the States.

Update: Jon Peddie Research chaps addmited that they made a counting mistake and that the GPU market as expcted went seasonly down by 5.56%. Nasty slip.  More numbers here.

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